MCE Introduction

Understanding Adolescent Project (UAP)

The UAP is a comprehensive subsidized programme for P.4 and P.6 students by the EDB which aims at supporting their personal growth. During weekly meetings, a variety of training activities are designed for selected students to equip them with the resilience to face their challenges positively along the way of growing. In addition, there are sessions for parents and teachers to participate in order to strengthen the supporting network for students. The whole programme achieved to teach students to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to overcome adversities.


School based survey result proved that participating students demonstrated remarkable improvement in emotion management, conflict resolution, goal setting and interpersonal relationship. Encouraging feedback from parents and teachers also reflected that the project is really effective in cultivating students to be a positive and optimistic person. They also have sense of belonging towards their families and schools. Furthermore, they also stated that the programme enhanced the communication skills and collaboration among students.


In previous years, we had three UAP group for P.4 to P.6 level respectively. You are welcome to refer to the activities photos to have a better understanding about the programme. Interested students are welcome to join the programme!