Alumni Homecoming Day

Date: 02/03/2018

An enthusiatic crowd of 114 alumni participated in the Annual Alumni Homecoming Day on Friday, 2nd of March, 2018. The format of this evening was quite casual so that our former students could enjoy spending more time with their ex-schoolmates and teachers. In anticipation for early-comers, the school gates opened at 5:15p.m. to allow those alumni the first chance to register and catch up with old school friends before others arrived. Many of the first groups could be seen heading for the basketball court to re-live their happy memories of playing with friends and making a few shots. 

At around six o’clock, all the alumni were called to have a grand photo in the shape of the letters SEK. The photo was taken from the balcony of the fourth floor and was a new experience never done here before. After that, some went to the hall to enjoy the slide show while others found their past classmates and teachers and talked about their more recent school/college life and took photos in the playground. 

At about seven o’clock, the alumni were then called into the hall for refreshments and Mrs. Ram officially welcome the alumni and invite them to enroll for the upcoming Hiking Activity-Hok Tsui organised by our Alumni Association on the 18th March, 2018. 

Finally, the alumni from different graduating years were called onto the stage, in groups, for the photo taking.

On the whole, the evening was a success and ended at around 7:30 p.m. when the remaining alumni reluctantly left their old school premises for now, we are very grateful to all the alumni for sparing their precious time and assistance to help ensure the Alumni Association continues to grow and remains strong.

Alumni Homecoming Day 2018