PTA Committee Members

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of our school was established in 1993 with the aims of promoting a close connection between school and the home, fostering a strong relationship between parents and teachers as well as amongst parents themselves. Events held provide opportunities to discuss matters of mutual concern in order to improve pupils welfare and enhance their personal and academic growth. We endeavour to carry on the good work in order to uphold our vision for our PTA and shall continue to value the support and contributions made by our parents and pupils.

The  PTA Ex-committee of 2022-2023


Parent Members

Teacher Members



Ms. Yu Hing Yin, HM


Mrs. Naliya Jayasekara

Parent of 5A Sineth,5C Sinethmee,3A Pasandee


Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Emily Law

Parent of 2B Nathaniel

Ms. Fung Wan Shuen


Mrs. Hong

Parent of 5C Yu Jung, 1B IL Ryong

Ms. Tse Yuk Yee


Mrs. Icha Wilson

Parent of 5D Arthur

Ms. Siu Fung Ying



Ms. Yiu Wai Sum


Mrs. Josie Lim

Parent of 4A Quintin

Ms. Cheng Chun Wah

Mrs. Sharon Tse

Parent of 4B Alpha, 1B Brooklyn


Mr. Nigel Sharman

Parent of 5D Audrey

Ms. Yu Ching Wai

Ms. Lucie Xiong

Parent of 6B Fostier Thomas

Honorary Auditor of the Association: Ms Wan Oi Lam (Parent of 5B Donald and 5C Daisy).