Sir Ellis Kadoorie (S) Primary School
Parent-Teacher Association
(Revised on 26thOctober, 2018)

The name of the Association shall be Sir Ellis Kadoorie (S) Primary School Parent-Teacher Association (hereafter referred to as the Association).
The address of the Association shall be Sir Ellis Kadoorie (S) Primary School, 9 Eastern Hospital Road, Soo Kun Po, Hong Kong.
 The aims of the Association shall be
3.1to promote close liaison between School and Home
3.2to foster friendly relations between parents and teachers and among parents themselves
3.3to discuss matters of mutual concern in a common effort to improve pupils’ welfare, personal and academic growth
4.1Membership shall be open to
 Ordinary Members
 -All parents of pupils enrolled in the school - an annual subscription has to be paid.
 -The present Head and teachers of the school - they need not pay annual subscription.
 Honorary Members
 -Previous Heads, teachers and parents of the past pupils - required to pay a token fee of $10.
4.2Ordinary members shall have the right to elect office-bearers and to be elected as office-bearers, as well as the right to vote at meetings which they are entitled to attend.
4.3Members (hereafter referred to as both ordinary and honorary members, unless otherwise specified) shall have the obligation to observe the rules of the Constitution and to abide by the decision of the meeting.
4.4An annual subscription of fifty Hong Kong dollars ($50) shall be paid within two weeks on becoming an ordinary member of the Association and thereafter the annual subscription will be paid at the beginning of each academic year in September/October.
4.5Members shall have no further monetary obligations to the Association other than those specified in (4.4). Any member willing to make donations for a worthy cause to be undertaken by the Association may do so voluntarily.
4.6All subscriptions once paid shall not be refunded in the event of withdrawal of membership.
5.1There shall be a General Assembly and an Executive Committee (hereafter referred to as the Committee).
5.2The General Assembly shall be the highest authority of the Association and is composed of all the members. When the General Assembly is in recess, all matters of the Association shall be managed by the Committee.
5.3The General Assembly may be annual or extra-ordinary and shall be convened by the Committee.
5.4The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the first three months of each school year. At the meeting, the Chairman shall report on the general affairs and the Honorary Treasurer shall report on the financial situation as at 31st August, the Chairman shall also conduct the election by secret ballot of office bearers of the Executive Committee for the ensuing year. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to members 14 days before the meeting.
5.5Extra-ordinary General Meeting may be called on receipt of a written request from at least twenty members of the Association, stating the subject or subjects for which the Extra-ordinary General Meeting is being called. Fourteen days' notice of such meeting shall be given to members.
5.6The quorum for all General and Extra-ordinary Meetings shall be above 15% of the PTA members. If the quorum cannot be attained, then the meeting will be adjourned. The members will be informed about this insufficient quorum and about the date for the next meeting, which will be carried on even without sufficient quorum.
5.7The Committee shall be composed of 14 ordinary members, eight of whom are parent-members and the remaining six are teacher-members. The latter shall include the Deputy Head of the School and five other teachers recommended by the Head of the School who shall be the Advisor of the Association. The appointment of these teachers as members of the Committee is to be confirmed at the General Meeting.
5.8The term of office for all parent-members shall be two years. Each year four new parent-members shall be elected in the AGM to take over the seats of those who need to step down after completing the term of office for two years. The other four who have completed their terms of office for one year will remain in their seats to maintain administration efficiency. Those who step down have the right to be re-elected.
5.9Committee members shall receive no remuneration from the income of the Association.
5.10The new Committee shall hold the first meeting as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting to elect the following office bearers:
  Advisor (present School Head)
  Chairman (a parent-member)
  2 Vice-chairmen (present Deputy Head of the School and 1 parent-member)
  Coordinator (a teacher-member)
  2 Honorary Secretaries (1 parent-member & 1 teacher-member)
  2 Honorary Treasurer (1 parent-member & 1 teacher-member)
  3 Activities Coordinators (2 parent-members & 1 teacher-member)
  3 Publication Coordinators (2 parent-members & 1 teacher-member)
5.11The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to fill vacancies occurring during the year.
5.12The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members in an advisory capacity for any specific purpose.
5.13The Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-committee(s) to promote activities in pursuit of the aims of the Association. Membership of such Sub-committee(s) shall not be limited to the members of the Committee. Sub-committee(s) must obtain prior sanction of the Committee for any use of the Association’s funds.
5.14During any one term no two ordinary members of the same family shall serve on the Committee.
5.15The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be seven with representatives from both teacher and parent members.
6.1The purpose for which the funds of the Association may be applied:
 6.1.1to further its aims
 6.1.2to meet its recurrent expenses
6.2It shall be the duty of the Honorary Treasurer to report on the financial condition of the Association at Committee's meetings.
6.3The Committee shall have the power to grant at its discretion sums of money from the Association funds to the School to be used for Scholarships, prizes or other purposes and the Head of the School shall have full authority to use the sums so granted.
6.4All cheques for the withdrawal of Association's money shall be signed by two of the following office-bearers: Chairman, Vice-chairman, or Honorary Treasurer on the condition that the two signatories comprise one parent-member and one teacher-member.
6.5In case the Association shall be involved in any debts or liabilities, it shall be the responsibility of all the office-bearers of the term in which the debts or liabilities are incurred to meet such debts or liabilities.
6.6The General Assembly shall elect an Honorary Auditor who shall audit the accounts of the Association at least once a year.
7.Amendment of the Constitution / Dissolution of the Association
7.1Any amendment of the Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting or Extra-ordinary General Meeting.
7.2Should the Association dissolve, the decision shall be assented to by a two-thirds majority at the Annual General meeting or Extra-ordinary General Meeting. Any remaining assets of the Association shall then be donated to the Extra-curricular Funds of the School.
The End