Tea with Headmistress

Date: 19/04/2018

It is with great delight that we can tell you our third “Tea With Headmistress” was recently held on 19th April 2018. Ms Rashimi from HKSKH Lady Maclehose Centre was invited to share on the topic of “Enhancing Resilience in Children”. Ms Rashimi talked about some common scenarios which parents face in their daily life and discussed the feeling of “being stressed” when pupils cannot overcome some difficulties at school or even at home. Ms Rashimi added that recognising pupils’ feelings is the first step towards finding the solution. Parents may usually miss this step and only ask how the problem happened. Ms Rashimi also reminded our parents to pause when parents and pupils face some difficulties (The turtle technique). By doing our best to remain calm, we have a clearer mind that may help us figure out a better solution to fix the problem.