P.1 Birthday Party 20-4-2018
Annual Sports Day 2018
First Prize-giving Day 2018
Annual Homecoming Day 2018
Talent Show 2017-2018
Tea with Headmistress 18-1-2018
Annual Talent Show Photo Gallery 2018

P1 Birthday Party Photo Gallery (5-1-2018)
2017 Christmas Party
2017 Parent-child Christmas Card Design Competition

Secondary School Places Allocation 2016/18

My Colourful Christmas Drawing and Colouring Competition 2017

Tea with Headmistress (16-11-2017)
Release result of Primary One Admission 2018 (Discretionary Places Allocation)
School Picnic 2017
2017 Mid-Autumn Lantern Design (Parent-child) Competition

Dress Special Day 2017

Level Parents' Day 2017
Orientation Day for New Pupils

Post-exam Activities 2016-2017

Prize-giving Day (Second Term)

Little Tour Guide 27-6-2017
Cleanliness competition (Second Term)
Joyful Fruit Award 2017
SSPA Result 2015/2017

P.6 Graduation Day 2017

SSPA Result 2014/2016
SSPA Result 2013/2015
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